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The Helix distributed LEDGER

Introducing Cognitive Systems to DLT

Quantum-Proof Encryption

High Scalability

Zero-Cost Transactions

Fully Decentralized

The Helix Platform

  • Create your own modules and applications using the Helix Extension Manager.
  • Define smart contracts using the Helix custom scripting language.
  • Build powerful peer-to-peer applications using drag and drop interface in the Helix Builder.
  • Vision Statement

    Helix Cognitive Computing Corporation, a Berlin startup, is dedicated to the purpose of creating a new eco-system to enable the Interconnection of Everyone and Everything – without intermediaries, central authori-ties, and any cost to its participants. Helix is motivated by the strong sociopolitical and economic impact of infor-mation when combined with cutting-edge technologies. Since its inception in Spring 2017, the company designs and develops the HelixPlatform to become the frst fully decentra-lized distributed ledger and self-sustainable platform with its own crypto token. A distributed ledger is a huge set of synchro-nized digital data geographically spread across multiple sites, countries, or institutions where entering a value, from money, to stocks, to intellectual property, to music, to votes, could be stored, managed and transacted in a secure private way. Together, with its next generation implementation of the peer-to-peer digital exchange network on the HelixTangle – a “blockless and chainless” architecture, and with its cognitive crypto currency HLX, backed by the HelixFoundation, there will be a huge potential to shift economical or political power structures in all industries and societies. Based on the open source policy, the HelixFoundation gives companies, develo-pers and other users of the platform access to the Helix tech-nology and HelixTangle in order to promote further develop-ment for new applications, business models, or social capital.

    Our Team

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    Oliver Fohrmann

    Co-Founder Data Analysis & Engineering
    team img 2

    Marcel Fohrmann

    Co-Founder Managing Director
    team img 3

    Benjamin Hodzic

    Community Management & Public Relations
    team img 4

    Frauke Sophie Abben

    Data Engineering